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The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review

The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review publishes essays on all aspects of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life and work. The journal serves both the specialist and the general reader with essays that broaden understanding of Fitzgerald’s writing and related topics. Annual issues include academic articles, book reviews, and review essays that a general reader can understand and appreciate. Roundtables on germane topics as a way to promote the exchange of ideas are also published.

While the main discipline is literary studies, the journal is interdisciplinary in approach, welcoming analyses in all areas of interpretation as they apply to Fitzgerald and his times. While the centrality of The Great Gatsby is recognized, the journal is also eager to advance interest in the breadth of Fitzgerald’s writing, including not only his other novels, but also his short stories, nonfiction, drama, and literary criticism.

Beginning Fall 2013, the annual edition will be published by Penn State University Press. (Society members receive a copy as part of their membership.)

For subscription information, go HERE or to the Penn State UP journals Contact Page.

For submissions, please visit This Link.

The F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Newsletter

Because we fund our annual society newsletter of profiles and current Fitzgerald events through renewable memberships, we don’t make past copies available online. However, we have plenty of copies of past issues (especially from 2016 forward) that we would be happy to sell for $5 per copy!






Occasionally, however, …

… we do upload articles that we think might inspire visitors to join the Society. Here, for example, is a wonderful overview of the history of Francis Cugat’s famous cover art for The Great Gatsby, arguably the most famous book-jacket image ever. James L. W. West III (or “Jim West” as he likes his byline to read for the Newsletter) was inspired to write this piece in the summer of 2022 when an artist’s proof of the cover unexpectedly popped up in a Sotheby’s auction. As Jim notes, the artwork didn’t sell—meaning there is still hope it might become part of a Fitzgerald collection that is open to the public!

The Gatsby Cover Image

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