Join us in Paris on June 23, 2019, and then in Toulouse, France from June 24-29, 2019 for an exploration of Place and Placelessness in F. Scott Fitzgerald's work. Paper proposals are due January 1, 2019, at fitzgeraldintoulouse@gmail.com! Click on the conference tab for more details!
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F. Scott Fitzgerald Society

Welcome to the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society, an international forum for the promotion, understanding and enjoyment of the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The purpose of this website is to promote study of the life and work of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Here you’ll find all the information you need on joining the society, upcoming conferences and publications, outreach efforts to promote Fitzgerald to general audiences, and materials and networking opportunities available to anyone and everyone interested in the author of The Great Gatsby, Tender Is the Night, and many other compelling works of literature.

“You don’t write because you want to SAY SOMETHING,
you write because you have SOMETHING TO SAY.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

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