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Zelda Fitzgerald's work

Is there a society specifically devoted to Zelda Fitzgerald?

At the present time, no. But there is a great deal of information on Zelda available at various Internet resources. Although it has not been updated in several years, www.zeldafitzgerald.com offers good background and includes several examples of her art.

My institution is interested in sponsoring a showing of Zelda’s art. Can the Society help arrange this?

We do not have any connection to Zelda’s artwork, which is managed by International Arts & Artists. For more information, please email nicolef AT artsandartists.org.

Conference information / financial assistance

I would like to attend the next Fitzgerald Society conference. Is there financial assistance available?

The Fitzgerald Society encourages members to contribute to the John Kuehl fund to help sponsor graduate student attendance to conferences. In London in 2007, for example, we were able to provide ten graduate students with $500 scholarships. To apply for the scholarship, graduate students should send a cover letter and CV attachment in email to fitzgeraldsociety AT gmail.com. Unfortunately, the Society does not subsidize conference attendance for full-time faculty, adjuncts, or international scholars.

 I am interested in organizing a Fitzgerald Society Conference. How do I get involved?

A great many Society members—and not just the academic ones—participate in the planning and execution of our biennial conferences. Generally, volunteers come from the specific area in which the next conference takes place. Thus, for example, we have an excellent team developing plans for our Baltimore 2009 conference. The best way to get involved is to attend the conferences and volunteer—the Society is, in many ways, a large family, and there is plenty of work (and fun) to go around.

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Zelda Fitzgerald's work

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