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Submissions for Review / Newsletter

I would like to submit an article, review, or other type of nonfiction, original writing for the next F. Scott Fitzgerald Newsletter. How do I go about this?

Members in good standing can send news and notes for publishing consideration to Peter Hays, English Department, University of California at Davis, Davis, CA 95616 or via email to plhays AT ucdavis.edu.

I have written a fictional version of Scott and Zelda’s story that I think would be great, either for The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review or in a commercial magazine. Can the Society either publish it or help me find a publisher?

Unfortunately, the Review does not accept fiction submissions. Nor are we in a position to facilitate publication for third parties.

I would like to submit a nonfiction article (essay or review) for consideration in the next F. Scott Fitzgerald Review. How do I go about this?

As of September 2008, the Fitzgerald Review no longer accepts submissions via email to its managing editor, Kirk Curnutt. We prefer scholars submit directly to the website maintained by the new publisher, Wiley-Blackwell. Go to Wiley-Blackwell and click on "Submit an article" in the lower right-hand corner for further instructions.

I had an essay published in a recent edition of The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review. Can the Society send me more contributor copies?

When the Society published the journal privately, we typically warehoused overstock that we were more than happy to provide any contributor who asked. Unfortunately, with our new agreement with Wiley-Blackwell, the publisher only prints enough to send the membership and does not provide us extras to contributors beyond their two free copies.


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