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I am a journalist doing a piece on Fitzgerald’s contribution to American culture. Do you have a spokesperson I may contact for an interview?

Our executive director, Professor Ruth M. Prigozy, would be happy to speak with you. Please contact her at ruth.m.prigozy AT hofstra.edu.

What is the best resource on the Internet to learn about F. Scott Fitzgerald?

For beginners, Wikipedia’s Fitzgerald biography is perfectly appropriate — although it hardly counts as an in-depth resource. For a more multi-faced overview of the author, we recommend the University of South Carolina's centenary page set up for the 100th birthday celebrations in 1996. Please note: the site has not been updated in some years now. Both PBS’s Fitzgerald page and C-SPAN’s Fitzgerald page also offer good starting points.

I’m interested in reading a Fitzgerald biography. Which is the best?

While we generally avoided endorsing one book over another, it is commonly accepted within the Society that Matthew J. Bruccoli’s Some Sort of Epic Grandeur (1981, rev. 1992 and 2002) is the standard biography. That said, Arthur Mizener’s The Far Side of Paradise (1951) remains a popular read, as does Scott Donaldson’s Fool for Love (1977). We encourage Fitzgerald fans to read all three!

Are any of Fitzgerald’s original works available online?

Works from 1920-1924 are now public domain, which means that This Side of Paradise, The Beautiful and Damned, and several early story classics — “The Offshore Pirate,” “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” — are readily available in full-text. We recommend Fullbooks.com for the novels, and the University of South Carolina centenary page for the early stories.

I’m writing a term paper on The Great Gatsby. May I contact board members of the Fitzgerald Society for help with criticism?

We generally discourage this. Although we certainly want students to learn about Fitzgerald, board members prefer students consult the Dictionary of Literary Biography that many schools make available through subscription.

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